IP Blocklist

What is IP Blocklist?

IP blocklist is a list of IP addresses that are restricted from accessing a PBX system due to violating the PBX’s static or auto-defense rules. The blocked IP addresses are prevented from accessing the PBX.

Some Key Points about IP Blocklist

IP addresses are added to the blocklist automatically if they are found to be violating the PBX’s auto-defense rules or static defense rule, often due to suspicious activity like probing or attacks.

PBX admin can manually add IP addresses to the blocklist through the PBX’s firewall settings panel.

PBX admin can configure the system to join the Global Anti-hacking IP Blocklist Program. This setting enables the system to automatically add IP addresses that have been blocked by Yeastar PBX systems worldwide due to suspected malicious activity or attacks and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

PBX admin can manage blocked IP addresses, check the blocked reasons, and manually delete IP from the blocklist if the access is considered as secure.

Blocklists help protect PBX systems from abuse and fraud by restricting access from malicious IP address.


Multi-level Security on Yeastar PBX System

From basic essentials to dynamic data encryption, Yeastar PBX systems employ rigorous security policies and put users in control with a comprehensive set of administrative features that defend against security threats and data loss.

Here is a brief overview of our multi-layer security mechanism:

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