Number Blocklist

Block unwanted incoming/ outgoing calls by phone number.

What is Number Blocklist?

The Number Blocklist feature enables you to block specific numbers. With Yeastar P-Series Phone System, you can effectively block unwanted calls by adding phone numbers to the system’s blocklist. You can import the file of blocked numbers directly to your PBX system. Numbers in the blocklist will be blocked to dial in, dial out, or both, helping you put an end to nuisance calls.

Use Case

In situations where a user receives unwanted calls that threatens their integrity, the blocklist feature provides a solution. By adding the specific phone number of the incoming call to the blocklist, all future calls from that number will be blocked. When the caller dials the blocked number, they will hear a prompt stating, “The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again.” Subsequently, the system will disconnect the call. Similarly, if you list the phone number of the outbound in the blocklist, users will be unable to dial out to the blocked numbers.

Benefits of Number Blocklist

Unwanted calls can indeed be a significant nuisance for companies, causing inconvenience and annoyance. With the Number Blocklist feature, you can easily eliminate them completely. This powerful feature helps you get rid of unwanted calls, ensuring user privacy, protection, and a more peaceful calling environment.

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