PBX Dashboard

What is PBX dashboard?


The Yeastar P-Series PBX dashboard offers a real-time overview of your phone system’s status, performance, and resource usage. It features intuitive charts that reflect current activities and display real-time counter values. With the dashboard, administrators can quickly monitor whether system extensions or trunks are working and registered correctly, and identify any issues that need immediate attention.

The dashboard updates and shows the following data in real time:

Number of active calls & upper limit

Number of active/registered trunks

Number of active/registered extensions

Number of online Linkus Desktop/Mobile/Web Client

Usage of system CPU/Memory/Storage

Status of telephony interface (for hardware PBX only)

System event trends over the past 30 days (warning, alerts, information)

PBX basic info such as SN, system uptime, IP address, etc.

How to access details of an event/statistic on dashboard?

All data widgets and charts on the dashboard are clickable for admins to quickly access detailed information. For example, by clicking on a specific date on the Event Trend chart, the system automatically navigates to the event logs for that date, where admins can check event details.

Event trend on pbx dashboard

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