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Keep your hotel operating at maximum efficiency while giving your guests a five-star experience.
Yeastar P-Series Phone System offers an all-around upgrade to your hotel communications infrastructure. Supporting a mix of analog and IP networking, it has an embedded PMS interface, compatible with the majority of hotel phones, and offers call accounting, voicemail, room status, and more hospitality-centric features that take your hotel communications and services to the next level.

Hotel Phone System Easy for IT and Hotel Staff

Easy for IT and Hotel Staff

From system deployment and management to daily usage, Yeastar P-Series PBX makes everything easy with an open-standard design and best-in-industry features and user apps.


Compatible with existing hotel IT infrastructure. Plug and play with phones and gateways.


Reduce your operation costs with easy management, PMS integration & visual call handling.


Keep staff connected at every corner of your hotel with intuitive mobile/desktop softphone.


Guarantee of little-to-no system downtime with optional high-availability setup.

Streamlined Hotel Operations

Automate your following front desk and housekeeping functions with our powerful PMS integrations. Enjoy the convenience of the ready-made integrations with Oracle Hospitality Opera, Micros-Fidelio, and other PMS supporting FIAS protocol, or build your own custom integration via tested PMS middleware or via PBX’s inbuilt open APIs.


Minibar Charges

Guest Caller Name Display

Room Status

Wake-up Call scheduling

Housekeeping Status

Call Accounting

Do-Not-Disturb Status

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Supported PMS integration methods and PMS vendors, including Oracle Hospitality Opera, Micros Fidelio, char, JDS, easylynq, and more.

Your hotel operation efficiency is best optimized

PMS integration

Check in and check out of guests (via PMS)

Always show guest name on calls for custom greetings

Automate your wake-up call services scheduled on PMS

Sync ‘Do Not Disturb’ status setting from PMS to room phone

Enable maid codes to update a room’s housekeeping status via phone

When room change, automatically update guest name to new room

Get everything ready for billing and new guests with an easy checkout

Automatically collect room call data & add telephony charges to guest bills

Post minibar charges in real-time by dialing a code on room phone

Automatically blocks external calls when a room is not occupied

Automatically delete the guest’s voicemails when guest checkout

Enhanced Guest Experience

Acquire and retain loyal customers by delivering a frictionless, personalized service at every touchpoint.

Identify guest calls with caller ID and personalize greeting

Set “Do Not Disturb” status on room phone when guest requests

Add free calls to your website booking with “click-to-call” button

Create customized welcome menus to greet each guest

Automated call reception with IVR, ring group, queues, and more

One-click management of all room booking calls and guest calls with Call Operator Panel. Know who is calling, how many calls are waiting, and perform call transfer, hold, and more in one click

Continuous 24×7 housekeeping and room service response with mobile app

Easy Networking, Easier Hotel Communications

Whether you need a new deployment to your property or to upgrade your existing analog system,
our all-in-one hospitality solution has you covered.

Topology for Hotel Phone System Deployment Scenarios

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