Solution for Government Agencies

Facing the challenge of cost savings, staff efficiency, and security requirement, government agencies are using Yeastar solutions to meet these challenges.

With the shrinking budgets and constant pressure on improving citizen services, government agencies need to reinvigorate the existing infrastructure with the new IP-based communication technology. Yeastar IP-PBX systems helps to interconnects distributed agencies and employees into a single network for improved productivity and reduced communication cost. The flexible and scalable solution can be easily integrated with the legacy equipment, protecting the investment.

goverment voip solution

Demand Analysis

  • Most of the citizen service is multifarious while each department is relatively independent, especially the departments such as civil service center. Categorizing different appeal effectively can reduce the cost of government internal communication and response to public demand rapidly.
  • Different services need to collaborate across multiple agencies and geographies in real time.
  • The telephone system should smoothly integrate with the existing IP networks and PSTN lines. Make full use of the resources and migrate to VoIP without damaging the daily operation.
  • Requires for stability to avoid the communication interrupt and secure voice communication and system running.

Recommended Features

  • Call Recording

    Record and store calls from SIP, GSM trunks, or TDM trunks locally or on the external storage device.

  • Call Forwarding

    Create a unique call flow and failover for employees’ extension, allowing them to be tracked down wherever they are.

  • IVR

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature can replace a human operator and direct calls to the appropriate department and appropriate extensions, which greatly improves productivity.

  • Firewall

    Firewall protects S-Series VoIP PBX against malicious attaches. Eavesdropping is also prevented with media security protocol SRTP.

  • VPN Server

    Securely connect equipment at dispersed locations with VPN tunnels to increase shared services and enhance collaboration.


  • Reduce operational cost

    Collaborate multiple government agencies, improving the efficiency of government internal management, reducing the cost of the government management and operation in many aspects.

  • Improve service and efficiency

    Optimize service process and efficient allocation of resources to greatly improve the government efficiency, improve public satisfaction.

  • Rich functionalities

    A variety of telephony features like call forwarding, speed dial, voicemail, three-way calling, etc., promoted the communication collaboration between government departments at all levels.

  • Reliable and easy to manage system

    With the intuitive web-based configuration panel, Yeastar solutions are easily configurable. Ensuring maximum service continuity, Yeastar solutions are reliable and stable and reduce the costs of maintaining an IP communications system.

Case Study

See how others use this solution for better business outcomes.

Ukraine government phone system solution
Successful Case
Ukraine Ministry of Justice
Legal Aid Centers
Legal Aid Ukraine deployed more than 40 Yeastar IP PBX for its regional centers to replace old telephone system and to connect the distributed centers.
Panama ip phone system
Successful Case
Panama Government Institutions
12 government organizations, 15 police stations, 10 tourism sectors installed Yeastar IPPBX to save communication cost and connect stations across the regions.
Portugal government voip system
Successful Case
Portugal National Republican Guard
Yeastar IP-PBX helps NPR migrate to cost-effective VoIP system and replace old traditional PABX on site gradually.
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