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A Complete PBX System,
Plus More Possibilities

Customer expectations have soared. Purpose-built for SMEs to fulfill more sophisticated communication needs, P-Series PBX System is a converged system to wrap a suite of services around, including voice, video, applications, collaboration, and more.

Attractive price/performance ratio An easy approach to fill the UC gap Experience built for everyone Embrace boundless communications

Linkus UC Clients: Any Device, Anywhere

Driven through a set of applications for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and web browsers,
Linkus UC Clients enable P-Series PBX users to easily turn mobile phones and desktops into office extensions
as well as make audio and video calls right from the web browser. Use Linkus UC Clients to stay connected
and productive whether you are in the office, on the go, or working from home.

Linkus UC Clients Linkus UC Clients
All office extension features One number reach on any device See the status of your colleagues Play voicemails directly Click to call from web pages and CRMs Company-wide & personal contact entries Secure remote access via Yeastar supplied domain name Learn More

Integrated Video Conferencing:
Interact and Collaborate in Real-time

Not only large enterprises, SMEs also need face-to-face conversations to bring teams and customers
closer together regardless of their locations. P-Series PBX System introduces an integrated web-based
video conferencing solution with screen sharing and team chat for SMEs to easily conduct multi-party
virtual meetings – a smarter way to get things done quicker, enhance team collaboration,
and build stronger business relationships.

Initiate and participate meetings right from the browser No need for additional applications and plugins Invite your colleagues and clients via meeting links Hear and see other participants in full HD Share your screen for live presentation Group chat instantly in the sidebar Show Me More
Linkus UC Clients
Catering to SME Service Center

Catering to SME Service Center

Economical Call Center Solution

Call center telephony for SMEs doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. P-Series PBX introduces an inbound call center solution tailored for SMEs to optimize agent productivity and boost customer satisfaction in a budget-friendly way.


Route incoming calls to the proper queue and the right, available agent based on certain strategies you set up.



Paired with ACD, IVR prompts callers to their desired destinations with customized rules, helping SMEs handle high volumes of incoming calls.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Keep track of every phone conversation to improve the performance of your agents or for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Queue Panel

Queue Panel

View real-time display of incoming calls, agent status and other queue-related statistics to help you efficiently handle the calls.

Wallboard & SLA


For agents and supervisors to intuitively monitor agent & queue activities in real time and quickly identify any possible issues.


Use detailed statistical reports for multi-dimension performance measurement and gain in-depth insights on efficiency improvement.

Operator Panel: for More
Effective Call Handling

The Operator Panel is a visualized console for receptionists to quickly manage incoming calls based on the real-time availability of employees. Simply drag and drop to dispatch calls to extensions, ring groups, and queues – all from your web browser. Advanced call controls, such as transfer, park, pick up, hang up, monitor, etc., are also supported to provide the utmost convenience.

Operator Panel

Intelligent Design for
Unparalleled User & Management Experience

Reliable and Secure

Reliable and Secure Remote Access Service

Ensure consistent in-office communication experience for the remote workforce by facilitating secure remote connection without complex configurations.


NFC Write/Read for IP Address Configuration

Simply scan the Yeastar logo on the appliance with the NFC function on your mobile phone and quickly configure the PBX's IP address from your phone.


Role-based Granular Permission

Assign employees different user roles to grant specific access privileges to the right individuals while everyone can manage their own settings.

Extra Flexibility

Extension Group for Extra Flexibility

Add users to extension groups, make them visible to designated people, and give them customized permissions according to various business needs.

Smart Voicemail Handling

Smart Voicemail Handling

Customize how to be notified when receiving a voicemail and how to handle it upon the notification based on user preferences.

Expanded Presence Status Options

Expanded Presence Status Options

Take advantage of enriched presence status, use temporary settings to cope with more scenarios, and switch agent status automatically.

The Full Feature List:
From the Must-Haves to the Nice-to-Haves

With a lengthy list of features, P-Series PBX System is able to do a lot more than you expect it to, covering everything SMEs would ask for in daily business communications. Some advanced features are accessible through easy subscriptions as follows. The Basic Plan is included in the appliance while the Enterprise Plan and Ultimate Plan require additional subscriptions.
See the pricing for subscription plans of different P-Series PBX models here.

Basic Plan Enterprise Plan Ultimate Plan

Business Features

BLF Support

Business Hours & Holidays

Call Allow/Block List

Call Recording

Custom Prompts

Distinctive Ringtone


Emergency Number

Emergency Notifications

Mobility Extension

Music on Hold

MOH Playlist

Microsoft Teams Integration

PIN List

Remote Extensions

Speed Dial

T.38 Fax

Fax to email


Personal Voicemail Greeting

Voicemail to email

WebRTC Audio Call

Telephony Features

Call Forwarding

Call Monitoring (Listen/Whisper/Barge-in)

Call Parking

Call Pickup

Call Routing

Call Transfer (Attended & Blind)

Call Waiting

Caller ID

CID-based & DID-based Call


Conference Rooms

Dial by Name

DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

DOD (Direct Outward Dialing)

DND (Do Not Disturb)





Ring Group

CDR & Basic Reports

Administration & Security

Auto Provisioning

Web-based Management & User Portal


Granular User Role

Bulk Import & Export (Extension, Trunk, Route, Contacts)

Extension Group

Built-in SMTP Server

Event Logs

Event Notifications

Network Drive

Backup and Restore

Operation Logs

Secure Communications (SRTP & TLS)



Password Policy Enforcement

Auto Defense

Static Defense

IP Blocklist

Security Alerts via Email

Unified Communications

Linkus Mobile Client (iOS & Android)

Linkus Desktop Client (Windows & MacOS)

Linkus Web Client

Click to Call Chrome Extension

Linkus Select & Dial with Hotkey

Company & Personal Contacts

Audio Conferencing

Unified Messaging

Operator Panel

Unlimited Users

Dispatch Active Calls (Redirect, Transfer, Hang up, Record,
Park, Monitor)

Monitor Call Status (Inbound, Outbound, Extension, Parked
Calls,Ring Group, Queue)

Unified Presence

Control Extension Presence Status

Switch Business Hours

Call CenterCall Center

Switchboard-type Queue Panel

Real-time Metrics on Wallboard

SLA for Performance Measurement

Insightful Call Center Reports

Remote Access ServiceRemote Access Service

Yeastar Supplied Domain Name

Remote and Secure PBX Web Portal Access

Linkus UC Clients Remote Connection

Consistent In-office UC Experience

Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing

Bulk Email & Instant Link Invitation

HD Audio and Video

Screen Sharing

In-meeting Team Chat

Web Video CallVideo Conferencing

Integrated 1:1 Video on Web Client

Seamless Video/Audio Call Switch

HD Audio and Video

Shrinkable Call Window

What to Expect
in the Coming Months

We have been planning a series of amazing features to the P-Series which will make it a more versatile “PBX-Plus-More” system for SMEs.





CRM Integration

CRM Integration


Cloud Version


Software Version


Stay tuned for more!


Determine Which Model Is Right for You

P Model P Model P Model

P550 P560 P570

Base Users / Max Users 50 100 / 200 300 / 500

Max Concurrent Calls 25 30 / 60 60 / 120

Base / Max Call Center Agents 50 100 / 200 300 / 500

Max FXS Ports 8 8 16

Max FXO/BRI Ports 8 8 16

Max GSM/3G/4G Ports 4 4 6

Max E1/T1/J1 Ports - 1 2

Expandable D30 0 1 2


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