XIAMEN, China – Jun 1, 2022 – Yeastar (www.yeastar.com), the world’s leading provider of Unified Communications solutions and Digital Workplace innovator, launches its second annual Yeahs Awards on Jun 1, 2022.

The Yeahs Awards, founded in 2021, is an annual award that seeks to discover the best customer stories and recognize customer success. It shines a light on Yeastar Partners’ achievements and validates the innovative and impactful solutions they delivered to their customers.

“We are proud to announce our second annual Yeahs Awards and excited to build on last year’s success,” said Prince Cai, Vice President of Yeastar.

“The award name actually carries layers of meaning,” Prince Cai explained. “‘Yeah’ is what people often say to express happiness and celebrate success, and for us, success is achieved when our products work and are considered the right tech by customers. Going forward, we envision a future filled with success, jointly achieved by Yeastar and our partners around the world. That’s the reason ‘Yeah’ appears in plural form.”

Unlike 2021, this year’s Yeahs Awards has expanded a new category, Yeastar Workplace, which is the all-in-one workplace scheduling solution Yeastar launched in 2021. The award categories are listed as follows:

  • Yeastar P-Series PBX System
  • Yeastar Workplace

In the end, 4 best P-Series PBX System cases and 2 best Yeastar Workplace cases will be selected as the final Yeahs Awards winners.

Case submission is due by Sep 16, with the shortlist announced on Sep 30 and the winners revealed at the much-anticipated Yeastar Day Virtual Event that is going to be held on Oct, 20.

To learn more about Yeahs Awards 2022, visit https://www.yeastar.com/the-yeahs-awards-2022/

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Yeastar helps businesses realize digital values by making communications and workplace solutions easily accessible from ownership and adoption to daily usage and management. Yeastar has established itself as a leading provider of UC solutions with a global partner network and over 350,000 customers worldwide. Committed to delivering the right technology to value-oriented businesses, Yeastar offers products and services for UC&C, workplace scheduling, and hybrid workplace to enable them to win in the modern digital world. For more information about Yeastar or to become a Yeastar partner, please visit www.yeastar.com.