Add External Lines for PBX

Yeastar VoIP Gateways cover different communication needs by providing varied trunking options for every business and save them communication cost.

VoIP gateways transmit and receive digital IP packets for transport over an IP network, enabling IP communications for legacy PBX or KTS environment, and connect IP communications system with trunkings like PSTN lines and trunking options. Yeastar has a full range of VoIP trunking gateways providing PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, BRI, and GSM/WCDMA connectivities to add external lines to pure IP-based telephone system, like S-Series VoIP PBX or any other software PBX, or hosted PBX.

external lines for ip-pbx

Add External Lines for IP PBX

For enterprises that wish to keep utilizing existing PSTN lines, TA FXO Gateway bridges the gap between your existing analog phones lines (PSTN) and IP PBX systems. As a result, the SIP extensions could utilize the PSTN lines to make and receive calls.

Similarly, TB BRI VoIP Gateway, TE PRI VoIP Gateway and TG VoIP GSM Gateway also provide easy and trustworthy conjunction of IP PBX system with BRI lines, PRI lines and GSM Trunks respectively.

The additional PSTN trunking, BRI line, PRI lines and GSM trunking also ensures business continuity when the SIP trunkings or Internet connection fails.

In addition, for business making high numbers of calls to mobile networks, TG GSM Gateways add GSM trunks for them to transf orm fixed-to-mobile calls to mobile-to-mobile calls. It could significantly reduce the telecommunication expenses, or simply provide a connection to an alternative source of dial tone in situations where no other option is available. Meanwhile, TG brings valued-added features such as SMS, callback, and call forwarding, etc.

Add External Lines for Legacy PBX

For businesses that are tied to legacy equipment, VoIP Gateway immediately connects them to cost-saving SIP trunkings. Besides preserving investment on legacy equipment, enterprises could also maintain PBX dialing habits and utilize the benefit of VoIP easily and conveniently.

Case Study

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Successful Case
Gas Station
Yeastar TG VoIP GSM Gateway is integrated into the paying kiosk at the gas station to provide voice link for interphony.