Yeastar Certified Integration Specialist Free Online Training Course

Taken entirely online, this free training course is the most convenient way for you to acquire particular skills to secure your PBX system. The entire course consists of 3 video tutorials, covering key P-Series PBX System integrationg features, network setting methods, and useful firewall configuration techniques. Learn now and prepare yourself for the YSCIS certificate.

Video Tutorials

Recorded Webinars

YSCIS (P-Series) Recorded Webinar

Length: 00:38:58

Lesson 1: Advanced Features & Network Settings

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Length: 00:41:20

Lesson 2: Integration with Yeastar Gateways

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Length: 00:37:52

Lesson 2: Interconnection Between PBX Systems

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Length: 00:44:59

Lesson 4: Integration with 3rd-party Communication Resources

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YSCIS Certification Exam

  • 30 choice questions
  • 60 mins time limit
  • 70% for passing score
  • 2 chances in total (Need to retake the course if you fail twice.)

*You will be certified as Yeastar Certified Integration Specialist after you have completed the training course and pass the exam. This certificate is valid for 3 years and can be renewed by retaking the exam.

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