(Simple Network Management Protocol)

A protocol for administrators to real-time monitor and manage PBX devices.

What is SNMP?

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a standardized protocol for monitoring and managing network devices. It’s supported on Yeastar phone system to allow network administrator to query PBX information anytime, anywhere, and monitor PBX devices in real time.

What is SNMP used for?

Your administrators may need to efficiently manage multiple Yeastar PBXs, along with various devices from different vendors and physical networks. SNMP simplifies their tasks by automatically monitoring these devices from a central console. It proactively notifies administrators if any application fails or exhibits abnormal behavior.

How does SNMP work?

A simple topological diagram of SNMP

The Components of SNMP

Manager: A centralized system (Network Management System/NMS) that monitors the SNMP network.

Managed devices: SNMP-enabled network entities that are managed by the SNMP manager.

Agent: Maintains data on the device, responds to NMS requests, and returns data to the NMS.

MIB (Management Information Base): Information base about the properties of a managed device.

The Process of SNMP in Yeastar phone system

The Yeastar Phone System acts as an SNMP agent, storing relevant information about the system. When Yeastar phone systems are connected to a Network Management System (NMS) using SNMP, the network administrator gains the ability to query the PBX information and monitor the PBX on the NMS.

This integration allows for centralized management and monitoring of the Yeastar phone system within the larger network infrastructure.

Common FAQs

How to set up SNMP on Yeastar phone system?


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