SIP Paging Solution

Yeastar provides a cost-effective and easy way to build an SIP paging solution for zone broadcasts, emergency alerts, and more.

SIP Paging Solution

SIP Paging Solution

Paging system can be seen everywhere – whether it is a small office requiring overhead paging for general announcements or larger locations requiring mass paging and event notification or secure access to entrance locations with different paging options.

Yeastar business phone system supports seamless integration with paging devices, providing a cost-effective and easy to way build SIP paging solution based on IP technology. In this solution, Yeastar PBX acts as an SIP server for paging devices to register while the paging system takes charge of the paging management.

How Does It Work?

Yeastar phone system offers SIP accounts for various devices, such as the SIP Paging Server, SIP Paging Adapter, SIP Intercom, SIP Paging Amplifier, and SIP Speaker. These devices can register as extensions on the PBX. This registration allows other IP phones and softphones within the Yeastar phone system to easily communicate with the paging devices, enabling zone paging and one-way/two-way intercom functionality.

Easier Connectivity

Solution Benefits

Easy to Use

Allow users to initiate paging using IP phones or the Linkus UC Clients. It also supports to create paging ring groups for targeted communication.

Instant Communication

With support for one-way paging, one-way multicast paging, and two-way intercom, enables instant sharing of information across locations.

Scheduled Paging

A perfect tool for schools, airports, warehouses, and other facilities that require routine notifications. Play custom voice prompts for paging in different scenarios.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with third-party SIP paging devices such as SIP Paging Server, SIP Paging Adapter, SIP Intercom, SIP Paging Amplifier, and SIP Speaker.

All-in-one Solution

Instead of purchasing separate intercom and paging system, Yeastar business phone system offers it all with market-leading unified communications.

Supported PA System


Algo Paging System

Configuration Guide


Snom Paging System

Configuration Guide


CyberData Paging System

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