Integration with Legacy PBX

Integrate your legacy PBX with IP PBX and SIP trunking to utilize the benefit of VoIP easily and achieve cost-effective communication.

Integration with Legacy PBX

Integration with Legacy PBX

As VoIP technology is increasingly adopted as the standard for business communications, there is often a requirement to connect legacy PBX systems to the new IP network before completely replacing them. However, legacy analog endpoints, such as fax machines, may not function reliably through a pure VoIP network. And there are also situations where it’s more cost-effective to use analog phones rather than IP phones.

To address the needs, Yeastar business phone system supports seamless integration with legacy PBX systems, allowing businesses to preserve their existing investment while moving to VoIP.

Benefits of Integrating Legacy PBX to VoIP

Capitalize on Existing Equipment

Yeastar PBX System helps preserve your current investments when you migrate to VoIP. You can enjoy the benefits of VoIP without completely phasing out the traditional PBX.

Add More Extensions

With Yeastar phone system, you will have greater flexibility to add new users, expand system capacity, and adapt to fluctuating communications needs.

Flexible Network Choices

With all phone line support, you can not only retain existing PSTN lines but also expand SIP lines, PRI circuits, GSM Trunks, or a combination of them all.

Cost Savings

The seamless integration of multiple networks allows you to optimize route selection for outgoing calls, resulting in minimized fees. Long-distance charges can be significantly reduced.

Advanced UC Features

IVR, queue, call recording, voicemail, video conferencing, omnichannel messaging, and more enterprise-grade telephony and unified communications tools at no additional cost.

Easy Deployment

Yeastar on-premise PBX provides FXS and FXO ports for easy connection to traditional PBX. For cloud or software-based PBX, it can also be easily achieved through Yeastar VoIP gateways.

Have a tight budget?

Best for connecting analog devices to VoIP, Yeastar TA FXS/FXO Gateways offer a cost-effective solution when you migrate from TDM PBX (or other types of analog PBX) to the future-proof IP-based phone system.

Provide SIP trunking for legacy PBX

Interoperable with a wide range of legacy and IP devices

Enable seamless communications between IP PBX and legacy PBX

Integration with Legacy PBX Benefits

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