Yeastar Phone System

Connect Analog Phones & Devices to IP-PBX

Yeastar TA FXS VoIP Gateway migrates legacy analog equipment to IP system with minimal investment and disruption.



Integrate Legacy Devices
to VoIP

For enterprises looking to transition their communication infrastructures to a SIP environment, abandoning legacy equipment can often be challenging. This is particularly true for hotels and businesses that have numerous analog phones. And sometimes analog devices like fax machines, postage machines, and alarm systems may not reliably function over VoIP networks. In such cases, integrating legacy equipment into the IP network becomes essential.

Yeastar TA Series FXS VoIP Gateway connects your analog endpoints to your IP PBX System seamlessly. Your analog endpoints will work as extensions of your phone system and utilize the IP PBX functionalities cost-effectively.

Benefits for Your Customers

Preserve investment on existing analog phones, speakerphones, fax machines, and legacy PBX

Cut communications costs with low-cost VoIP and long-distance calls

Connect remote analog phones with headquarter phone system

Migrate to VoIP at your own pace and in the most budget-friendly way

Applicable to hosted IP-PBX solution, IP-Based UC platform, or a VoIP Contact Center


Seamless Connectivity for Legacy Devices

Telephony Functionalities

Support 3-way Conference, Call Transfer, Distinctive Ringtone, Flexible Dialing Plan and more.

Fax Over IP

Support T.38 Fax for creating Fax-over-IP and enable reliable fax performance.

Excellent Interoperability

Interoperable with a broad list of softswitch, analog PBX systems, and SIP-based environments.

Easy Provisioning

Simple and intuitive Web-based interface make configuration point-and-clicks away.

Encryption Security

Support TLS, SRTP, and HTTPS security encryption technology to protect your calls.

Remote Management

Centrally monitor, manage, and configure remote gateways with Yeastar Remote Management.


S-Series VoIP PBX

Entry-level on-prem phone system for small businesses with modular designs.

Linkus UC Clients

Free UC softphone clients designed for Yeastar business phone system.

TA FXS/FXO Gateways

Offer FXS or FXO ports to connect analog phones, lines, and others to IP networks.


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