VoIP Solution for Healthcare

Timely, reliable and secure communication has become a critical facet for healthcare institutions. To deliver high-quality, in-time patient care service along with operational efficiency has become a prevalent challenge.

From hospitals to elder care facilities and clinical research centers, VoIP is proving itself an invaluable technology asset for communication efficiency in healthcare.

Yeastar VoIP PBX System, either cloud-based or on-premises,  comes with a strong presence in unified communications that empower mobilized workforce, elevate team collaboration while reducing overhead. With Yeastar, keep your staffs always in the loop, respond faster, and enhance patient service with easy healthcare facility integrations: ERP, CRM, call center, etc.

voip for healthcare industry

Solution Highlights

  • Extended Mobility

    Medical professionals can install Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone on their smartphones or computers to bring their extension with them all the time, ensuring incoming calls be received and answered promptly.

  • Longtime Stability

    S-Series PBX Hot standby feature enables the standby server to take over when the primary server is down and notify administrators via email or SMS.

  • Broad Compatibility

    Compatible with various IP-PBX and traditional PBX, Yeastar VoIP phone system could also be seamlessly integrated with other management systems like ERP, OA, CRM, call center and dispatching system.

  • Effective Collaboration

    You can connect multiple branches with ease and allow free inter-branch calls by taking benefit of Yeastar Cloud PBX or S-Series VoIP PBX‘s advanced Multisite Interconnection feature without any additional setup.

  • Simple and Easy to use

    User-friendly Web GUI with intuitive navigation. Yeastar PBX, either cloud-based or on-premises, supports mainstream IP phone auto-provisioning and is easy to manage with simple point-and-click configuration.

  • Rich functionalities

    Built-in features like auto-attendent, conferencing, call recording, call transfer, intercom boost productivity and enhance customer service.

Case Study

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