Yeastar, the leading designer and manufacturer of SMBs communication devices, today announced a partnership with Patton Electronics, a leader in the production of network access and connectivity products. As part of the technological partnership, MyPBX series are fully compatible with all models of SmartNode, the VoIP gateways that integrate IP and TDM communications for enterprise and carrier access network.

The interoperability between MyPBX and Patton SmartNode benefits users of both sides, as they now have new possibilities in enterprise deployments. Users can freely make use of SmartNode”s scalability with various telephony interfaces including analog and digital, and MyPBX’s rich telephony features and reliable communications capability. The strategic partnership is consistent with Yeastar’s commitment to provide users with better communication experience and is the result of our continuous efforts in broadening the compatibility of MyPBX.

About Patton

Incorporated 1984, Patton has built everything from micro-sized widgets that connect “this-with-that,” to carrier-grade Telecom gear that connects subscribers to service-providers. Patton”s specialty is interconnecting legacy TDM and serial systems with new-generation IP-based voice, data, and multi-media technologies.

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