Get frustrated by crashing system caused by sudden outage during upgrade? Feel annoyed by system failure caused by who knows what? MyTwins is coming to your rescue! The innovative technology, a double system IP-PBX, is originated by Yeastar, a leading designer and manufacturer of IP-PBX.

The technology helps to realize the automatic takeover from the crashed system to the stand-by system of the same device. After the stand-by system starts, the crashed system will automatically recover or it can be recovered through system upgrade. The recovery is simple and handy. None of your MyPBX settings will be lost during the recovery. A stable and secured IP telephony system is within grasp.

At present, all series of MyPBX are embedded with MyTwins feature, which makes MyPBX the first Double System IP PBX in the market. The feature frees you from direct or indirect loses due to unexpected system damage. When the current system crashed, the stand-by system will automatically start to support the proper function of your phone system. It all happens in a blink and no extra hardware is required. The durable MyTwins offers you lasting double guarantee without an extra penny.


1.Stable and secured system
2.Simple and quick recovery
3.Cost-effective backup solution
4.Supported by all models of MyPBX