Yeastar, a leading designer and manufacturer of IP communications products, today officially launches new Analog Telephone Adapter TA100 & TA200 to enable high-quality VoIP service with rich feature sets, superior cost-performance, and great reliability.

Yeastar TA100/200 provides 1 or 2 analog interfaces for residential users and small business to convert existing analog equipment to IP-based networks cost effectively. With TA100/200, users can protect and extend their investment in existing analog telephones and fax machines. Yeastar TA100/200 is ideal for small business to achieve quick and easy connection in various network environments.

Miniature in design, TA100/200 can be placed on the desktop without occupying a lot of space. TA100/200 adopts the advance chipset from DSP Group to ensure that the customers have the best cost performance and high level of reliability. With the unique Micro USB power port, TA100/200 can be powered by the USB port of your PC or IP-PBX. Compatible with SIP standard, TA100/200 provides residential users, home-office, and small business with clear voice call, rich telephony features, and easy-to-configure Web GUI.

Product Highlights

  • Connect up to 2 analog phones/faxes
  • Miniature in design
  • Powered by USB interface
  • Rich subscribe calling features
  • Fully compliant with SIP standard
  • High-quality voice call
  • FTP, TFTP, HTTP Auto Provision
  • Easy Web-based configuration

Click here to learn more about the Yeastar TA100 and TA200.