Yeastar, a leading designer and manufacturer of IP communications products and IP video surveillance products, today introduces high-performance Analog VoIP Gateway NeoGate TA series to help small and medium-sized enterprises and service provider integrate VoIP into their networks.

There are six models in the Yeastar TA Gateway series (based on FXS and FXO ports):

  • TA400 (4 FXS ports)
  • TA800 (8 FXS ports)
  • TA1600 (16 FXS ports)
  • TA2400 (24 FXS ports)
  • TA3200 (32 FXS ports)
  • TA410 (4 FXO ports)
  • TA810 (8 FXO ports)

NeoGate TA Analog VoIP Gateways expand the portfolio of NeoGate VoIP gateways and inherit the superior quality of NeoGate series. Connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP telephony networks and IP-based PBX systems, NeoGate TA helps enterprises to preserve previous investment on legacy telephone system and reduce communication costs significantly with the true benefits of VoIP.

Feature Highlights

  1. 4/8/16/24/32 FXS ports or 4/8 FXO ports
  2. Fully compliant with SIP and IAX2
  3. Flexible calling rules
  4. Reliable fax performance with T.38
  5. Provides high-quality voice compression with industry standard codecs
  6. Line echo cancellation for 32, 64 or 128 ms echo delays
  7. Web-based GUI for easy configuration and management
  8. Excellent interoperability with a wide range of legacy and IP equipment


NeoGate TA1600/2400/3200 will start taking orders from today. NeoGate TA400/800 will be commercially available in July. NeoGate TA410/810 will be commercially availabe in August.