Signs That Your Phone System Can’t Keep Up

Chained to the Desk to Handle Calls

Unable to Connect Multiple Locations

Limited Call Management Functionalities

Lack of Remote Working Solutions

Resulted in Poor Customer Experience

Increasingly Expensive to Maintain

Difficult to Scale & Vulnerable to Outages

Hard for Employees to Use

Siloed from Other Systems


We’ve Got You Covered: a PBX Plus More Solution


Linkus UC Clients: Any Device, Anywhere

Driven through a set of applications for web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac,Linkus UC Clients enable P-Series PBX users to make audio and video calls right from the web browser as well as easily turn mobile phones and desktops into office extensions. Use Linkus UC Clients to stay connected and productive whether you are in the office, on the go, or working from home.

All office extension features One number reach on any device Always-on secure remote access See the status of your colleagues One-on-one or group chat with file sharing
Linkus UC Clients Linkus UC Clients
Company-wide & personal contacts Integrated phonebook directories Remote desk phone control Call pop-ups, click-to-call, hotkeys, etc. Cross-device voicemails, call histories, etc.

Unified Communications for a More Productive Workforce

IP Telephony


From the must-haves to the nice-to-haves, the full VoIP PBX phone system feature set, including IVR, call routing, conference, voicemail, ect. is able to handle daily business calls and cater to more sophisticated communications needs.

Video Conferencing


Tailored to the essential online meeting needs of SMEs, Yeastar’s integrated web-based video conferencing, along with screen sharing and team chat, enables an engaging collaboration experience for your work-from-anywhere teams.
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Presence & IM


The Presence feature comes with rich information about users’ availability while instant messaging, along with file sharing, complements other forms of communication and prompts employee engagement.

CRM Integration


Click to dial out straight from Zoho CRM. View contact details and add notes through call pop-ups. Auto-sync all call activities to the CRM platform. This integration ensures that you never lose track of previous conversations.
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Microsoft Teams Integration


With the direct routing technology, users on Yeastar PBX System and Teams can seamlessly communicate with others like regular extensions do, making it a perfect fit for businesses with a mix of Teams and non-Teams users.
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Economical Call Center Solution

Call Routing & Queueing

Agent & Supervisor Portal

Real-time Performance

Reporting & Analytics

Connect customers with the right agents at the right time. Take advantage of advanced automatic routing, 6 pre-defined ACD queueing (ringing) strategies, customizable IVR options and more features that drive faster call resolution.

Time-based Routing Choice-based Routing with IVR ACD Queuing Simultaneous Call Distribution (Ring All) Fixed-Order Call Distribution (Linear) Rotary Call Distribution (Rrmemory) More in the brochure

Provide all the tools your agents and supervisors needed in one single interface. The dynamic, streamlined Queue Panel makes it easy for you to monitor queue traffic, check & switch agent status, and quickly conduct call operations like transfer, monitor, parking – within drag & drop or a simple click.

Drag & Drop Call Management Visualized Active & Waiting Calls Complete View of Agent Status Real-time Queue Metrics Display Role-based Feature Access Control

Discover up-to-the-minute call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from the central call center Wallboard. All data are auto-calculated in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly interval for your in-depth call center monitoring, management & optimization.

16 Key Performance Metrics Real-time Monitoring Flexible Calculation Time Frame Customizable Widgets Multi-screen Display Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Get access to 8 detailed statistical call center reports, such as agent-specific operational metrics, call parameters, and panoramic queue statistics, for multi-dimension performance measurement and in-depth insights on efficiency improvement.

Agent Call Summary Reports Queue Performance Reports Customer Satisfaction Reports Real-time & Historical Reports Periodical Scheduled Reports Custom Timeframe/Agent/Queue Selection Graphical & Downloadable Formats

Unparalleled Ease of Management

While delivering a first-class user experience, Yeastar also enables great administrative convenience to system admins. Combining a modern and sleek web interface with a robust set of provisioning and performance tools, Yeastar makes configuration, maintenance, and monitoring a walk in the park.


Cloud EditionCloud Edition Cloud EditionSoftware Edition Cloud EditionAppliance Edition

Business Use For Service Providers

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This 30-day trial allows you to experience the ins and outs of P-Series Cloud Edition Enterprise Plan and explore how it transforms communications for your business or your enterprise customers.

Full access to the Enterprise Plan

10 extensions, 10 concurrent calls

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Instant activation upon signup.

Turnkey Solution

Designed for channel success, P-Series Cloud Edition Turnkey Solution is a fully managed, serverless offering that enables faster time to market, easier service delivery, and stronger return of investments.

No server needed. Low start-up costs

Based on a high availability architecture

Click to create & scale through YCM

Single-panel-of-glass dashboard

On Your Hardware Platform or Virtualized Environment

Virtualized Environment

Flexible Deployments

Deployed it either as an on-premises option in a company's own data center, virtualized using VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V, or as a cloud service.

Stay in Control

Ensure that your system runs securely and independently. Ideal for businesses with higher requirements on system control.

Easy to Scale

Quickly scale users with flexible license options, leaving you rest assured in the face of significant changes in the staffing level.


Either on a local or cloud server, the time required to keep it up and running is kept to a minimum. Quickly get started with the built-in launch wizard.

Determine Which Model Is Right for You

P550 P560 P570

P Model P Model P Model

Base Users / Max Users 50 100 / 200 300 / 500

Max Concurrent Calls 25 30 / 60 60 / 120

Base / Max Call Center Agents 50 100 / 200 300 / 500

Max FXS Ports 8 8 16

Max FXO/BRI Ports 8 8 16

Max GSM/3G/4G Ports 4 4 6

Max E1/T1/J1 Ports - 1 2

Expandable D30 0 1 2

Trusted by over 450,000 Customers


We have been using Yeastar products for over 4 years. After so long using Yeastar products, coming across the new P-Series feels like a revolutionary change for our SMB clients. Recently we hosted a P550 in our office for internal use as well as to show the demo to clients inquiring for a phone system. So far whoever we have shown the demo were very impressed because of its simple, easy-to-use management system and at the same time customizable to many extents. The P- Series has helped us getting more recognition in the market.

Ibrahim Rasheed IT Consultant at Swift IT Solutions

Yeastar as a company has been an excellent resource providing great support from sales to implementation and troubleshooting, resulting in our resellers and sales team having excellent knowledge of the products and market, and the system itself (Yeastar P-Series) has performed above our expectations. The features are exactly what we were looking for and the support from Yeastar Sales/Presales/Support team members has been exemplary.

Kelvin Seah Channel Sales Manager at One-Net Communications Pte Ltd

We have been deploying telephony for over 20 years through major manufacturers and now Yeastar is our flagship product. Excellent collaboration, well established product with advanced features.

Patrick Beauchemin Director at Service Management at Interconnections LD

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