Integration with Hotel Phones

Yeastar fully SIP compliant solution designed for hotel phones to keep guests and staff connected with integrated communications technology.

The hotel industry is witnessing intense competition with new-entrants and continual change in hotel technology. Hoteliers face problems in integrating hotel systems with advanced communication technologies. More advanced and specialized communication solution not only facilitates hotel operations but also ensures high-quality guest experience and nourishes guest loyalty.

Yeastar solutions have the reliability and proven communication technology that enhances hotel phone property – making it easier to operate and ensuring you seamless communication.

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Guest Rooms and Guest Services

To provide wake-up calls and other services, guest room phones must be maintained. Built around Yeastar IP-PBX, guest room phones and TA FXS VoIP Gateways deliver superior guest experience with crystal clear voice call and other hospitality features.

hotelphone-solution-wake-up_iconwake-up service

hotelphone-solution-voicemail_iconVoice messages

hotelphone-solution-room-calling_iconIntra-room calling

hotelphone-solution-room-service_iconGet room service

hotelphone-solution-sms_iconSMS notification

hotelphone-solution-bill_iconDetailed phone bills


Reception desk is the front line of a hotel, where the reception staff welcomes the guests, checks guests in, checks out, takes reservation, provides information, takes care of guest’s various needs. A suitable front desk phone and hotel specific telephony features helps reception staff yields more with less effort. Meanwhile, reception staff answers and makes a lot of calls in a working day, a clear voice call and a reliable telephone system are crucial.


Place service phones in area such as the lobby or other shared public areas. Guests can simply lift the handset to contact the operator and get the service following the dialing directions. In this way, hotels could extend superior customer service to all guests.

Back Office

Yeastar IP communication system comes with an array of business intelligent features to enhance the collaboration of front and back office and improve the customer experience. Besides the desk IP phone, staff communication is also incorporated with smart devices installing Linkus Mobile Client to make collaboration timely.

Supported Hotel Phones

S-Series VoIP PBX and TA FXS VoIP Gateway have been tested with the following hotel phone:

  • Vetch

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