Integrate Door Phones with Your IPPBX

Integrated with door phone system, Yeastar solution can achieve control and access to entrance easily.

Door phone can be configured on S-Series VoIP PBX  to make and receive phone calls similar to other IP phones. As a door or gate entry device, door phones are used to control the opening of the door. Visitors can press the door phone to make a call, like the bell, then door phone will send doorbell to an operator or receptionist, who can reply door phone by picking up phone. With the door entry systems connected with Yeastar IP-PBX, users could control and access the door entrance easily.

doorphone voip solution

IP door phones are registered on Yeastar IP-PBX as SIP extensions. With some configurations, the door phone will call specific extensions when the doorbell rings and the called extension can open the door.


  • Door bell
  • Watch door entrance
  • Extra camera connection to each monitor
  • Open the door from any telephone extension
  • Remote lock release
  • Inter-call between monitor and monitor
  • Receive calls from visitors at the front door at any extension telephone connected to the Yeastar IP-PBX
  • Call Forwarding for unanswered calls from the door

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX has been tested with the following intercom devices.


Algo Door Phone 

Configuration Guide

Hikvision Video Intercom

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Case study

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door phone for ip pbx
Case Study
Malaysia Seri Pilmoor
With Yeastar IP-PBX hooked to IP Phones and Door Phones, the home owners are pampered with the convenience of making and answering calls wherever they are in their home.

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