Yeastar Room Display App

Yeastar Meeting Room Display App

Convert your Android tablet or iPad into an interactive room scheduler that does more than just room booking.

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Yeastar Meeting Room Display is an app developed by Yeastar for Android and iOS. With it, any Android tablet or iPad can be instantly transformed into a Yeastar Room Display that works in tandem with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System.

Even if you don’t have a Yeastar Room Display at hand, you can mount your tablet outside conference rooms to identify room status at a glance and book a room on the spot with just a few taps.

Key Features

Download the app to transform your Android tablet or iPad into a Yeastar Room Display and enjoy the following benefits:

Make Rooms Easy to Find & Book: With the Yeastar Meeting Room Display App, you can hang your Android tablet outside each room to color signal its availability in real-time and empowers staff members to know which room is free by taking a glance.

Prevent Double Booking: Double booking will be efficiently eliminated once you download the app to your Android tablet and install it outside each room.

Eliminate Ghost Meeting: With the Yeastar Meeting Room Display App, your tablet will work with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System to auto-release abandoned rooms to prevent ghost reservations and improve room utilization.

Integrate with Your Calendar: Once installed the app, your Android tablet not only collaborates with Yeastar Meeting Room System but also your MS Teams, MS 365, and Google Workspace.

Elevate Your Office Decor: The configurable interface allows you to customize color themes & background images & add the company logo on your Android tablet.

Note: Yeastar Meeting Room Display app is a companion app to the Yeastar Workplace platform. Although users can download it for free on Google Play or App Store, a Yeastar Workplace account is required to use this app.

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Available for all Yeastar Workplace subscription plans

System Requirement: Android 8 – Android 12 | iPadOS 11.0 or later

Screen Size: 8″ – 15.6″


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