Yeastar & Hikvision
PBX-Intercom Integration Solution

PBX-Intercom/Paging Integration Solution

Intercom/Paging systems are massively needed today – whether it’s for business public access control, facility-wide overhead broadcasting, or zone emergency alerts. Addressing the specific needs, Yeastar-Hikvision integration solution brings the powerful intercom, paging and phone system features - all in one solution - to help SMEs elevate efficiency with welcoming user experience, while cutting the overhead costs.

Key Take Aways

The benefits of Yeastar-Hikvision Integration Solution at a glance The topology of the Yeastar PBX-Intercom/Paging Integration Powerful integration features for Public Access Control, Overhead Broadcasting, Business Unified Communications Common use cases for different business facilities & industries: office building, school, hospital, airport, unattended parking lot, etc.

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