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Linkus Cloud Service (LCS)

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Linkus Cloud Service is a value-added service designed to minimize Linkus-related server and network configurations for Yeastar on-premises PBX users. It avoids the necessity of port forwarding when using Linkus outside of the company so the network security will not be compromised. Whether it’s on their desktop or mobile device, users will also find great value in Linkus Cloud Service as it makes collaboration features like instant messaging and file sharing possible.

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Use Case

A S-Series VoIP PBX user can setup Linkus server simply by a clicking to enable the Linkus Cloud Service on the S-Series PBX web interface. With Linkus Cloud Service applied, users can enjoy easier and more consolidated collaboration with IM, group chat and file sharing feature on Linkus. Besides, Linkus Cloud Service stops NAT issues from happening hence improves the call quality and user experience.

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Linkus Cloud Service for S-Series VoIP PBX and How to Configure.

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