VoIP Intercom

Establish two-way communication with an individual or a group of users.

What is VoIP intercom?

Yeastar phone system offers a intercom feature to helps users broadcast announcements to one extension or a group of extensions via a phone speaker. The called party does not need to pick up the handset. It can be achieved by pressing the feature code on your phone and it is a two-way audio call.

Use Case

Intercom can be used in some scenarios like executive environment or alarm announcement. The executive can use the intercom feature to give messages to the assistant by simply pushing a phone key. Some association can also use the intercom feature to make the alarm announcements.

How does Yeastar intercom feature work?

VoIP Feature — Two-way Intercom

The IP intercom is used to establish two-way communication with users via a phone speaker. You can either place an intercom call to a specific individual or to a group of users. When a broadcaster makes an intercom call, the group members’ phones automatically answer into speakerphone mode. The broadcaster and all the group members can talk with each other during the call.

What are the benefits of VoIP intercom?

Cost-savings: IP intercom rely on the internet, eliminating traditional telephone line costs.

Scalability: Additional intercom units can be added as needed, without significant infrastructure changes. This flexibility allows for easy expansion and adaptation to changing needs within an ecosystem.

Smooth communication experience: Dial the intercom feature code to reach all the group members for emergency announcement or dailywork dispatching.

Achieve anywhere-anytime connection: IP intercom allows users to answer calls from anywhere with an internet connection.


Besides the helpful intercom feature, Yeastar also provides a seamless integration solution between the phone system and intercom. This integration enhances the overall communication experience for customers, achieving a streamlined workflow enriched with advanced UC features. View All the Features. →

Doorphone Intercom System — An Integration Solution


Intercoms are an integral part of Yeastar’s ecosystem. By integrating your door phones and intercom system with Yeastar phone system, you can easily achieve remote intercom and secure public access control.

When users register their extensions as indoor stations, they gain the ability to receive incoming calls from the door station. Additionally, if it is a video intercom, they can preview the visitor’s video on the Linkus UC Clients. Moreover, users can remotely control the opening of the door, enhancing security and convenience.

Supported 3rd-party IP Intercom Systems

Hikvision Video intercom

Dahua Video intercom

Algo Door Phone

Fermax Intercom Meet system

More about Yeastar Door Phone Integration. →

Common FAQs

How to set up two-way intercom on Yeastar PBX?


For P-Series Phone System: Appliance Edition | Software Edition | Cloud Edition

For S-Series VoIP PBX: Configuration Guide

Common Usecases of Yeastar Intercom Solution


Security: The intercoms can be used for building entry systems, remote access control, and video surveillance integration.

Branch Office: VoIP intercoms can serve as internal communication tools within offices or across multiple branches.

Healthcare: Broadcast routine notifications, urgent surgery tasks and more for medical teams’ timely response.

Education: Intercoms in schools for security guards communication, emergency notifications, and access control.

Is Yeastar VoIP intercom secure?


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