DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Assist remote staff in making calls using the company lines.

What is DISA?

DISA (Direct Inward System Access) is a VoIP feature that allows external callers to utilize internal PBX features on specific CO lines by entering a special code.

In the Yeastar phone system, DISA enables users to make calls via the PBX’s trunks from external sources, such as a mobile phone. If individuals outside the office want to utilize the company’s phone lines, DISA enables them to do so just like the system extensions. This cost-effective solution leverages the company’s PBX resources instead of making direct calls, resulting in significant savings.

How does it work in Yeastar phone system?

In Yeastar phone system, DISA operates by configuring the feature with a access pin code and authentication process.

Once set up, external users can make an inbound call and enter the designated DISA pin code. Upon successful authentication, the system responds to the incoming call with a dial tone, allowing the users to dial the desired external number they wish to call.

Benefits of DISA

Present a professional image by displaying the work caller ID number.

Save on long-distance or international calling charges.

Enhancing flexibility for remote workforce.

High security with a pre-configured pin code.

Common FAQs

How to set up DISA on Yeastar phone system?


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