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integration with hotel phones

Yeastar TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway works as a SIP registrar

TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway can work as SIP registrar for IP phones to register. For small offices with only a handful of people, instead of purchasing IP-PBX, a GSM VoIP gateway and a few IP phones can already fulfill the need to make and receive calls. TG provides GSM trunks for outbound and inbound calls and bulk messaging feature to expand business.

Why choose us for temporary office


Mobile Connectivity

Without the restrictions of physical location, users can dial out with GSM trunks of TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway and save the cost of PSTN local cabling.


Advantageous SMS Service

Enterprises will be able to send and receive SMS and send bulk SMS via TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway with a low cost.

future proof

Future-proof solution

TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway and IP phones can still be used when the office expands and requires an IP telephone system.

integration with hotel phones

Benefits from Yeastar solutions

“We chose Yeastar TG gateway because it’s cost-effective and reliable. We only need to add some IP phones.” Proven communication technology and reliability of Yeastar solution for temporary office has been recognized by Singapore Grand Prix.

  • Easy to use
  • Mobile Trunkings
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • Interoperability


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