Yeastar Phone System

Integrated SMS Solution

Send SMS for SMS marketing and notifications, directly from Yeastar phone system or through VoIP gateways.

SMS Text Messaging Solution

Integrated SMS Solution

SMS messaging is effective in promoting business as it reaches your customers directly. It’s also effective in notification when an event occurs. The potential of SMS is huge.

Positioned to respond to this trend, Yeastar P-Series Phone System offers inbuilt SMS messaging feature and can be integrated with Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway to achieve additional features such as Email to SMS/SMS to Email, and bulk SMS scheduling.

PBX Built-in SMS Solution

Send and reply to your business SMS/MMS messages, right from the user apps (web, desktop, mobile) of Yeastar P-Series Phone System. The PBX offers an Omnichannel Messaging feature that allows you to manage customer messages from multiple channels in one place, without additional devices.

One-way and two-way SMS/MMS

Transfer SMS to colleague with all history included

Message customers through biz number, not personal apps.

Total SMS messages sent/received statistics per number

Seamless and unlimited SMS trunk Integrations with template

Easier Connectivity
Easier Connectivity

SMS Messaging via Gateways

Yeastar TG Gateway’s SMS feature is a great tool in implementing SMS campaign. With TG Gateway, sending bulk SMS is only clicks aways on the web broswer. When connected with Yeastar phone system, additional features like Email to SMS, SMS to Email, and receiving PBX event notifications via SMS are achieved.

SMS are sent from GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE trunk cost-effectively

Send bulk SMS with personalized information

Schedule SMS to go out at a specific time and date

Manage and group SMS contacts

Provide open API to connect external SMS clients

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