Episode 3: Talking vendors’ strategies
— Is that a smart way to face 2024?

In this episode, we discuss how Yeastar and other major industry players, like VTech, Mitel, and 3CX, dealt with the tough economic conditions of 2023 – their business strategies and how the market responded. They’re also joined by David Searles, a senior MSP, to shed light on this topic. Don’t miss out on this exclusive conversation.

If prices increase reasonably, I don’t think people will have an argument with it. But you need to be honest, open, and more transparent. And this goes around to all vendors really.”

Guest Info

David Searles, a senior network engineer at PNTS (Professional Network Technology Solution Ltd).

PNTS are an IT Services Provider, founded by industry professionals who have over twenty years experience, providing support and consultancy to small and medium sized companies from all over the United Kingdom.
To learn more PNTS, please visit their website
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Key Discussion Points

[ 03:13 ] How did Yeastar react to the challenging 2023?.

-[Ramon]: As a company, we managed to get a growth in year 2023. Of course, that’s because our partners are great. But we definitely see more difficulties to manage the same amount of growth.

-[Jason]: This is just like you mentioned (about the contact center and multi-tenant solution), we’re trying our best to help our customers explore more business opportunities.

-[Ramon]: In year 2023, the investment for the product development in Yeastar is 25% of the yearly revenue.

[ 11:42 ] How did major industry players like Vtech, Mitel, and 3CX react?.

-[Ramon]: This is one strategy and you will find many other companies who are taking very similar strategies like expanding their operation to take this opportunity, for example, Vtech is purchasing Snom. Similar things also happening with Mitel. They’re buying extra other brands.

-[Ramon]: Some people act strongly towards 3CX’s V20, it’s because it doesn’t match their expectation. Instead of new features, V20 has couple of features removed for security reason.

-[Jason]: As the manufacturer, you develop your strategy gradually, but you have to get closer to your partners. While it may not be possible to provide a flawless solution, we can at least take action to seek a balance point.

-[Ramon]: Every manufacturer is trying to find a new way out, even an aggressive way. Or like 3CX, cutting off some of the things that they have to. These are all attempts, and as a supplier, we understand that.

[ 22:05 ] In conversation with David Searles, Senior MSP at PNTS.

[ 26:54 ] “What do you think about the year 2023? Is it gonna be an easier year or a harder time for you?”

[ 32:58 ] “What’s your strategy in the face of the adversity in 2023? “

[ 36:01 ] “Facing these challenges, what do you think about some of the vendors’ actions?

[ 40:54 ] “What are your expectations for vendors and the market?”