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Welcome to Piloting 2023, an exciting contest that offers you the chance to have a closer look at Yeastar, stay up to date with our latest product updates and resources, and win some fantastic prizes along the way.


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Try Yeastar Workplace ROI Calculator

What’s the value in using a workplace resource management solution like Yeastar Workplace Meeting Room or Desk Booking System? Clearly, the benefits go beyond employee experience to a significant return on investment. The potential savings might come from less adminstration, saved valueable employee productivity time, better space utilization, and more.

Wondering about ROI and how it might work for you?

Yeastar Workplace ROI Calculator

Download Yeastar P-Series PBX Cloud Edition Solution Brief


As hybrid work becomes the norm, cloud-based UC services delivered through an “as-a-service” model is gaining popularity due to unparalleled ease of use, functionality, flexibility, and scalability. For channel partners, it adds a predictable recurring revenue stream to the bottom line, which means once you have sold the service, you are going to get paid repeatedly.

Yeastar P-Series PBX System Cloud Edition features a high availability architecture, a centralized management platform, a complete suite of calling and more UC features, and flexible deployment and partner models to lower the barrier to the increasingly growing cloud PBX market.

TDM Upgrade Accelerate Kit

Get the Secret Code from the Upcoming Webinars


Yeastar has a full schedule of webinars in April. In addition to the regular product training and certification courses, we have added two new educational courses that will walk you through VoIP and IP PBX cover-to-cover as well as some country-specific webinars to explore local situations, demands, and solutions.

We will reveal the secret code during all these webinars and you can use this code to earn 10 entries into this contest!

Sounds like a lot, right? Add to your calendar now and save the date!

10Apr, 2023

What Is VoIP What Is VoIP9:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT

11Apr, 2023

What Is IP PBX What Is VoIP9:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT

YSCSSYSCSSApril 12 – 13

YSCTYSCSSApril 17 – 20

YSCTYSCSSApril 24 – 27

YSCISYSCSSApril 24 – 27

See the full Yeastar Academy schedules for April here.

Download Yeastar Workplace Solution Kit


The state of today’s physical office has been evolving.

As employers looking to bring remote working employees back to the office, hybrid work seems to be the model going forward. An increasing number of organizations have been implementing hot desking strategies to support this flexible working arrangement, as well as paying greater attention to their foot traffic and space usage patterns. The arising smart technology also provides the extra muscle for enhancements on space utilization and employee experience.

Yeastar Workplace Solution Kit

Infographic: Return to the Office in 2023


As the world is emerging from the pandemic, many businesses are considering or have already started bringing their employees back to the office. Workers are in a tug-of-war with executives over remote working. The debate continues in 2023.

We put together some of the most recent and valuable stats about how the return to the office is going on now. For example, how many employees are working fully remotely, on-site, or in a hybrid mode now? How have employee preferences toward work locations changed ever since the pandemic? What technologies are adopted to facilitate a smooth transition back to the office?

TDM Upgrade Accelerate Kit

TDM Upgrade Accelerate Kit


Download this eBook fresh out of the oven and earn your first entry!

From a quick look into the history and status quo of TDM PBX to insights into if TDM PBX is dead, this eBook helps you get a better grasp of the landscape of the current TDM PBX market.

Better yet, you can take a list of helpful resources from this eBook to convince your customers who are still using TDM PBX and reverse their “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix It” attitude. We also provide detailed descriptions, comparisons, and several success stories of Yeastar’s TDM-to-IP migration solution.

Some of the highlight topics include:

Why lots of businesses are still hanging on to TDM PBX

8 signs that TDM PBX is hurting your bottom line

Cost analysis of TDM to IP migration

10 misconceptions about TDM to IP migration debunked

Yeastar’s TDM-to-IP migration solution brief & case study

TDM Upgrade Accelerate Kit

Easy-first unified communications.

Flexible-first workplace platform.