XIAMEN, CHINA – June 25th, 2019 – The global telecommunications operator LCRcom in cooperation with Alvaco, distributor in Spain of Yeastar, announces the end of the certification process that allows guaranteeing the complete compatibility of the LCRcom SIP trunk with Yeastar on-premises and cloud-based PBXs.

Yeastar has been working on pure IP solutions, making regularly compatibility tests with different SIP providers. In order to offer a much simpler, faster and safer configuration process, its devices include on their configuration interfaces, all the SIP providers certified profiles to make the configuration easier and safe for their users.

Carlos Gató, Sales Manager in LCRcom: “We are very satisfied with the approval of the solutions Yeastar, one of the most important providers of European telecommunications solutions. This collaboration will bring great value to the sales channel of both companies, becoming a reference in the telecom sector.

LCRcom quote: “Before the certification with Yeastar PBXs, LCRcom SIP trunk has already worked well with Yeastar Gateways, helping thousands of Legacy PBX customers to migrate their traditional phone system with the full integration to VoIP. Thanks to Yeastar, the evolution of All IP is very simple. A simple Yeastar IP Gateway installed as a gateway between the analog or ISDN PBX and the SIP provider allows to continue using the PBX normally. This allows guarantee our customer investments in their Legacy PBXs “, clarifies Carlos Gató.

Alan Shen, CEO of Yeastar is delighted at the cooperation: “With 20 years of experience in developing SIP trunking services, LCRcom has been an expert in this field and has won appraisal from all its customers. Connecting with LCRcom assists us to expand our business to reach more SMBs in Spain and customers from both sides could now get access to the others products and services much easier. With the list of our ITSP partners growing and the trust of our customers increasing, Yeastar would keep up the good work to provide quality products and more than satisfying services for all.

All-IP Promotion

The classic fixed telephony, as we knew until now, is disappearing. There are already many European countries that have announced the end of ISDN support and the beginning of the transition to All-IP. On the other hand, many of the classic telephony providers have made the leap to IP technology, so the analogs connections will stop continue operating as they have been doing until now.

LCRcom can announce a joint promotion in which customers will benefit from a free monthly payment in any communication package contracted with Yeastar devices.

About LCRcom

LCR is a Spanish telecommunications operator with presence in the market since 1999 and with more than 17,000 clients in the SME sector. Its human team is highly specialized in offering customized communication solutions with a continuous development of their solutions, adding value to the telecommunications offer. LCRcom is the eighth operator in fixed telephony portability in Spain and with a strong growth in mobile telephony, (According to the last information of the AOP (Portability Operators Association). For more information about LCR, you can visit the company’s website: https://www.lcrcom.net/

About Yeastar

Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways for SMBs and delivers Unified Communications solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over 100,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar customers enjoy flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that have been consistently recognized in the industry for high performance and innovation. For more information about Yeastar, please visit https://www.Yeastar.com.