On 19th October, 2012, the 10th EEBC/expoTEL was successfully completed and MyPBX was awarded “The Best Innovative Solutions” for its quality and innovation.

EEBC/expoTEL is a major exhibition of the information and communication technology in Ukraine. The Events were held in the exhibition center in Kiev during 17th -19th October. Yeastar’s distributor IPMATIKA-Ukraine, presented the brand new models of MyPBX series— MyPBX U300 and MyPBX U520, at the booth and draw great attention. Visitors all marveled at their new case design, new web GUI and new features.

MyPBX U300 boasts an embedded PRI(E1/T1/J1)port with up to 30 lines and 2 FXS ports in the one compact system, providing higher density trunking for offices using E1 PRI signaling. This system supports up to 100 users and 30 concurrent calls. Also it could be used as a gateway to legacy PBX systems in applications.

MyPBX U520 is an enterprise-grade solution designed for offices of up to 300 users, supporting up to 60 concurrent calls. It boasts to have 2 embedded PRI (E1/T1/J1) ports and 16 phone ports for PSTN, ISDN BRI and GSM/UMTS connectivity. Thus U520 couples VoIP with traditional telephone lines offering scalability, high availability, cost saving, and simplified support and maintenance.

During the event, MyPBX Enterprise M1, MyPBX Enterprise M2, MyPBX U300, and MyPBX U520 were granted the award “The Best Innovative Solutions” which proves again Yeastar’s continued efforts in innovation.