Simple to use with all features you need

Interactive Maps & Gird Views

Book a desk on the fly through the interactive office map or via a standard booking gird. All are updated in real-time.

Permanent Desks

Assign seats to employees who need a permanent desk. Adjust seating at any time and show changes as you go.

Flexible Seating

Provide on-demand hot desking (ad-hoc booking) and desk hoteling (multiple-day reservation) with check-ins.

Visible Occupation & Search

Know all desk availability at a glance. Quickly locate your best fit by filtering or searching the date, location, user name, and more.

Team Space

Allow desk permission only to specific users, groups, or departments, so teams sit near each other to work and collaborate.

Team Work

Search to view the teammates’ spot and bookings, reserve a desk nearby for team work and collaboration.

Analytics & Data Export

Understand your office and user behavior better with analytics, exportable data, and administrative desk scheduling tool.

Occupancy Sensors

Monitor your desk occupancy in real-time, show that data on the map, and automatically release the abandoned desks.

Choose the product & plan that best fits your needs.


Streamline meeting room scheduling with all must-have features.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Rooms

Room Booking

Real-time Room Availability

Check-in & Auto-release

Interactive Room Display*

Room Display App (Google Play & App Store*)

Meeting Check-in Count

Download Schedules as iCalendar

Room Amenities


Book rooms, allocate desks, and manage visitors in one place.

Everything in Basic plus

Unlimited Desks

Unlimited Visitors

Desk Booking

Flexible Seating

Team Space & Coworker Locator

E-ink Desk Screen*

Printable Desk QR Code

Visitor Management

Customizable Check-in Questionnaire

Individual Visitor/Group Visitor

Visitor Badge Printing*

Visitor Screen*

Visitor Screen App (Google Play & App Store*)

Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

Interactive Floor Map


Identity Authentication via QR Code

Analytics & Insights


Empower enterprise with smart technology and additional controls.

Everything in Standard plus

People Counting Sensor*

Room Comfort Sensor*

Desk Occupancy Sensor*

Auto-release Triggered by Sensors*

Room Comfort Alarms via Email*

Export Data for Analytics

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

OpenLDAP Integration

Access Control Integration (DS7310 & DS7315)

Facial Recognition (DS7310 & DS7315)

Smart Wall Switch*

Auto Light-off/Light-on Triggered by Smart Wall Switch*

*Room Display App & Visitor Screen App for Apple’s App Store are coming soon.

*Requires additional hardware

Enable a flexible workplace, today

From simple desk reservation to full flexible or hybrid work enablement, start in minutes with one integrated workplace platform for managing Meeting Rooms, Desks, and Visitors.