P-Series PBX System

Yeastar Workplace Room Display Demonstration

P-Series PBX System

Yeastar Workplace Room Display Installation

Touch-screen Meeting Room Signage

Real-time Availability

Tell room availability at a glance from distinguishable 3-colored LED indicators even from a distance. See seating capacity and AV/IT facilities straightly.

Book, Check-in, and End

Start, check-in, or end meetings right on the interactive screen. secure the room within a pre-set timescale, or else it will be released and become bookable again.

Calendar Integration

Show bookings from your calendar app. Meeting schedules and changes will be synced both ways. Supporting Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Easy Installation

Wall-mounted and glass-mounted options are supported. PoE (Power over Ethernet) adds flexibility to deployment, even without power outlets.

Custom Branding

Use your logo, image backgrounds, and status colors. Choose show or hide meeting subjects & organizers. Customize it to your preferences and style.

Workplace Analytics

Track room utilization, recaptured hours, meeting density, meeting type, and more metrics and trends for better space planning.


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