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Yeastar Supported SIP Trunk Providers – United States

These American SIP Trunk Providers have been tested and certified by Yeastar

SoTel Systems

With SoTel Systems SIP Trunking services, you can realize tremendous savings on your communications while ensuring a more reliable and resilient infrastructure for your business. No matter what phone system you currently have, you can always take advantage of SIP Trunking from SoTel without replacing any of your existing equipment. SoTel offers both unlimited and metered service plans that will fit the communications needs of any business.

SoTel Systems


We believe there is a better, more efficient way for companies to communicate. Our first-to-market technologies harness the power of the cloud to bring innovative tools to the telecommunications industry. If we can’t improve your business communications or save you money… then we won’t waste your time!

Provider Type Supported Codec Supported DTMF Supported Fax Type Link to Support Document Tested Version
IP Based u-law, g729a RFC2833 N/A View

VoIP Innovations

VoIP Innovations is a full-service global communications provider offering developers, business customers, enterprises, and carriers four areas of value: 1) carrier services, 2) Apidaze programmable telco APIs (CPaaS) , 3) a Showroom with ready to deploy partner solutions, and 4) professional software development services. With these four areas of expertise, customers are able to build solutions with advanced functionality like voice, WebRTC, and messaging, as well as lower costs on Toll-Free, fax, and global voice and SMS origination/termination. With 24/7 tech support, customer oriented approach, and front and back end APIs, VoIP Innovations offers powerful advantages for creating and delivering global communications solutions. VoIP Innovations, based in Pittsburgh, PA was founded in 2007. To learn more, please visit

Provider Type Supported Codec Supported DTMF Supported Fax Type Link to Support Document Tested Version
IP Based u-law, a-law, gsm, speex, g722, g726, adpcm, g729a, ilbc RFC2833, Info N/A View


Voxbone is the market leader in providing worldwide geographical, toll-free and geographically-independent telephone numbers, enabling Internet communications services providers, global carriers, national operators and enterprises to extend the reach of their voice services internationally, rapidly and with minimal costs. The company delivers high-quality inbound communications (often referred to as direct inward dialing, or DID) from more than 50 countries and more than 4,000 cities around the world, as well as the first emergency-calling service accessible in multiple European countries from a single IP-based interconnection.