Yeastar Certified SIP Trunk Providers – Portugal

These Portuguese SIP trunk providers have been tested and certified by Yeastar.


G9Telecom is a company with Portuguese capitals, with interests and experience in the areas of engineering and telecommunications services for over a decade and a half. In the initial period of its activity, a large part of the company’s turnover was related to the telecommunications project and consultancy activities, both for GSM operators and for new fixed network operators that held FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) licenses. ) for the implementation of their national transmission networks. In 2003, the company reorganized its internal structure and became a Fixed Voice Telecommunications Operator.

Product Provider Type Supported Codec Supported DTMF Supported Fax Type Support Document Tested Version
P-Series Software Edition Register Based alaw, ulaw, gsm, g729 RFC733, Inband Not Tested View