IP-PBX with Mobile Connectivity

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX is a GSM IP-PBX that integrates GSM/WCDMA trunks with enterprise telephone network to reduce telephone expenses.

As the most economic wireless communication solution nowadays, GSM and 3G connectivity has taken on an added importance in business communication.  GSM and 3G connectivity not only reduce telephone expenses but also provide crucial communication link for remote offices lacking fixed lines. Thanks to the advanced modular technology, S-Series VoIP PBX allows business to add GSM or WCDMA or 4G LTE networks easily and cost-effectively. S-Series VoIP PBX flexibly supports up to 500 users with 4 models, and saves telephone expenses for enterprises big and small.

IP-PBX with Mobile Connectivity


  • Support up to 500 users

  • Support up to 6 GSM/3G/4G trunks

  • GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz (quad-band)

  • WCDMA Frequency: WCDMA 900/2100MHz or 850/2100MHZ or 850/1900MHZ (check supported operator)

  • Support VoLTE (depending on carrier support)

  • Support VoIP, FXO, ISDN PRI and ISDN BRI

  • Support analog extensions and SIP extensions


  • Low Telephone Expenses
    Calls can be routed via the most cost-efficient GSM/WCDMA carriers. And fixed-to-mobile calls can be converted to mobile-to-mobile calls as the latter save the cost.

  • Sustained Business Connectivity
    Serve and keep in touch with customers and suppliers in offices without fixed lines.

  • Scalable
    GSM IP-PBX can easily expand number of users and trunks to fulfill any growing communication need in the future.

  • Enhanced APRU for Service Providers
    Combine GSM IP-PBX with their service, Mobile operators can use GSM IP-PBX to route outgoing calls of enterprises to their carriers, a win-win situation is achieved.

  • Simple Management
    Efficiently manage the system through Web Interface. Remotely manage dispersed offices to provide unified management and maintenance.

Case Study

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gsm ippbx case study
Successful Case
BRT Concern
Yeastar IP-PBXs with GSM module pre-installed provide mobile connectivity and reliable communication for state-owned operator of TV and radio broadcasting.

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