S1000-P IPPBX Firmware & ISO

Version Number File Type Date Firmware 2022-12-21 ZIPBIN ISO 2022-12-21 ISO Firmware 2023-05-11 ZIPBIN Firmware 2023-09-04 ZIPBIN Firmware 2023-12-05 ZIPBIN

ImportantVersion addressed the inbound DID configuration issues

S-Series VoIP PBX Firmware

Version Number Model Date S20/S50/S100/S300 2022-06-21 ZIPBIN (IPV6) S300 2022-12-21 ZIPBIN S300 2023-09-04 ZIPBIN

ImportantVersion optimized CLIR function, enabled FTP, SNMP, and network disk, and fixed the issues of the ITSP line call-in

Yeastar Remote Management

Version Number File Type Date
1.2.6 ISO Installation 2022-12-21 ISO
1.2.6 Upgrade Package (IPV6) 2022-12-21 DEB

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