XIAMEN, CHINA / BERLIN, GERMANY – 3 May 2018 – Yeastar (www.yeastar.com), a leading manufacturer of VoIP PBX systems and VoIP Gateways, and Snom Technology GmbH (www.snom.com), a leading German manufacturer of SIP-based telephones, today jointly announced the enhanced interoperability partnership, integrating the best of breed PBX and IP phone technologies.

Yeastar auto provisioning support of Snom devices dates back to its first-generation MyPBX. Investing resources and energies, Yeastar and Snom spared no efforts to guarantee interoperability. Now, the full range of Snom IP phones, including the latest Snom D785 advanced desk phone and C520 WiMi conference phone with DECT microphones, have successfully passed all interoperability tests with the Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and can be automatically provisioned easily and quickly.

“We’re excited to further expand our long-term partnership with Snom,” said Alan Shen, CEO of Yeastar, “As more and more companies and telcos choose Snom IP phones, this auto provisioning support in Yeastar S-Series PBX is both essential and welcome to our joint customers. Yeastar and Snom are also working on bringing Snom auto provisioning support to the latest Yeastar Cloud PBX offer. ”

Snom’s Head of Interop and Integration, Mark Wiegleb, is also very excited about the closer partnership with Yeastar: “The Yeastar S-Series PBX is cutting edge business telephony technology and works in perfect tandem with the Snom range of IP desk phones and IP conferencing devices. With the Snom product portfolio continuing to expand as part of our aim to become the world’s number one IP phone manufacturer, it’s great to have interop partners such as Yeastar.”

You can see Snom and Yeastar’s products and meet the teams in person at this year’s CeBIT in Hanover, Germany between 11-15 June 2018 on Stand C84(Snom), and Stand D134(Yeastar), Hall 13.

About Yeastar

Yeastar specializes in the design and development of innovative telecommunications equipment, including VoIP PBX systems and VoIP gateways for the SMB. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over 100,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar products have been consistently recognized in the industry for their high performance and innovation. For more information about Yeastar or to become a Yeastar partner, please visit www.yeastar.com.

About Snom

A leading global premium brand for innovative professional and enterprise VoIP phones, Snom is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1997, Snom is a pioneer in the VoIP industry, launching the world’s first IP phone in 2001. Today, Snom’s product portfolio meets the full spectrum of business communications requirements of call centers, conference rooms and executive management through to safety-conscious industrial environments.

A subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited since 2016, Snom has offices in Italy, the UK, France and Taiwan and enjoys an excellent global reputation in the Voice-over-IP market. Snom’s products are renowned for their technical innovation, aesthetic design, user-friendliness and outstanding audio quality. The current product portfolio is universally compatible with all leading PBX platforms and Snom products have won numerous awards around the world from independent experts.

Engineered in Germany, Snom’s IP solutions also make an excellent choice for vertical markets, such as healthcare and education, when searching for specialized solutions in business communications, IoT and smart technologies.

Visit www.snom.com to find out more about Snom Technology GmbH.