Become a Yeastar Cloud PBX Hosting Partner

We offer a complete solution for selling, delivering and managing cloud communications services that enable our hosting partner to diversify their portfolio for brand new sales opportunities, without incurring excessive investment expenses.


We provide quality-assured products

With deep, long-standing roots in the on-premises PBX marketplace, we develop Yeastar Cloud PBX into a solid, reliable and profitable cloud-based offering. Impress your customer with the extensive feature set, bespoken solutions, BYOD mobility and total ease of use. Your sales staff will be delighted because our product practically sells itself.


We will have your back

Our on-boarding and implementations team helps you get a quick start. The extensive product training ensures you are proficient in Yeastar Cloud PBX. Any issue, our support team is prepared to lend a helping hand. We do our best to help you close your sales faster.

keep up

We offer flexible deployment models

As an innovative UCaaS delivery platform, YMP enables streamlined management and fast time-to-market. You can either self-host YMP to stay in complete control or have it powered by Yeastar for less time and financial investment in the beginning.

As a Yeastar hosting partner, you’ll gain:

  • Robust platform and feature set
  • Increased sales opportunities and larger customer base
  • Leads passed on you by Yeastar
  • Powerful and dedicated partner portal
  • Direct free technical support from Yeastar
  • Marketing funds and materials kits following Yeastar’s marketing policies
  • Expert training and extended webinars on products for free
  • Visibility and recognition: listed as a partner on Yeastar Partners page
  • The right to use the exclusive Partner Logo

Become a Yeastar Cloud PBX Hosting Partner