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Micros Fidelio PMS Integration

Streamlined hotel front desk and housekeeping functions with automated wake-up call scheduling, call accounting, minibar charges, and more.

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This direct integration between Yeastar P-Series Phone System (Appliance and Software Edition) and Fidelio uses the Fidelio Interface Application Specification (FIAS) TCP/IP protocol. Through the integration, a wide range of hospitality-focused features are introduced to lower hotel operational expenses while facilitating smooth internal communication and effective communication with guests.

Supported direct PMS integration: Oracle Hospitality OPERA, Micros Fidelio, and PMS support other FIAS (Fidelio Interface Application Specification) TCP/IP protocol.

Key Features

Check In / Out operations. The Yeastar P-Series Phone System receives guest check-in and check-out details from the property management system (PMS) immediately after these actions are completed. Subsequently, it automatically configures specific settings for the room extension:

1. Change call display name to the guest name upon checks in & remove it upon checkout
2. Allow to make outbound calls when the guest checks in & disable upon checkout
3. Delete the extension’s voicemail messages and Do Not Disturb (DND) status upon checkout

Wake-up Call Scheduling. Automate the wake-up call services scheduled on PMS.

Call Accounting. Automatically gathers data on room calls and includes the charges in the guest’s bill. The phone charges can be calculated using the PBX’s inbuilt call accounting feature, or they can be computed by the property management system (PMS) with all the relevant call data sent to the PMS for calculation.

Minibar Charges. Enable housekeeping staff to easily add minibar charges by dialing a specific digit code on the room phone.

Room Status. Enable housekeeping staff to update room’s housekeeping status by dialing a predefined digit code on the room phone.

Room Move. When guest change rooms, automatically update the guest’s name to the new room.

Do No Disturb (DND). Receive a notification from PMS whenever a guest requests not to be disturbed and automatically set room phone status to “DND”.

Key Benefits

The guest’s name is always displayed on the phone when they make a call, allowing for personalized greetings and enhanced customer service.

Have everything ready for billing when guest check out.

Optimize operations for both the front desk and housekeeping departments, eliminating information gaps and facilitating streamlined communication and workflow within the hotel.


The integration requires the purchase of Hotel PMS integration Add-on, and currently only supported on P-Series Phone System Appliance edition and Software edition.

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Quick Start Reference

Only for P-Series PBX Appliance and Software Edition.
Your PBX firmware version must be XX.11.0.56 or higher.

Log in to the PBX management portal, go to Plan > Add-on Subscription to enable the Hotel PMS Integration Add-on

Go to Integration > PMS to enable the PMS integration, and follow the instructions on the page to set the integration, Room Extension Group, Wake-up Call services, and more services.

Start enjoying!

For more information, please refer to the integration guides below.

Fidelio Integration Guide: For Appliance Edition| For Software Edition

Developed by:Yeastar

Requirements (PBX)

Support on P-Series Appliance/Software

Require Hotel PMS Integration Add-on Subscription

Firmware Version XX.11.0.56 or Above

Requirements (PMS)

OPERA 5 (version 5.6) or OPERA Cloud or Micros Fidelio

IFC8 Version:

FIAS Version: 2.20.25


Contact the Developer

Please contact the developer to get the app or for tech support

Developer WebsiteDeveloper Websitewww.yeastar.com

Phone NumberPhone Number15362541254

Support EmailSupport Emailtest@yeastar.com

Support WebsiteSupport Websitewww.yeastar.com