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Off-load and archive your call recordings and system backup files to Amazon S3, freeing up PBX local storage and simplifying data management.

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Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service to retrieve any amount of your data from anywhere. And it is one of the surpported remote archiving servers by Yeastar P-Series Phone System.

The new Remote Archiving feature allows you to off-load your call recordings and system backup files to Amazon S3 by scheduling archive tasks.

This approach is cost-effective and scalable, simplifying your data management. With Amazon S3, you can access your data from anywhere, automate the archiving process, and optimize local storage by offloading data to the cloud, thereby improving overall system performance.

Supported Remote Archiving Server: Google Cloud Storage, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3. (Each P-Series PBX can connect to up to 10 external archive servers)

Remote Archiving-Archive Server Interface
Remote Archiving-Archive Server Interface
Remote Archiving-Archive Tasks Interface
Remote Archiving-Archive Logs Interface
Remote Archiving-Archive Server Interface Remote Archiving-Archive Tasks Interface Remote Archiving-Archive Logs Interface

Key Features

Data Synchronization. Create multiple archive tasks to set up your data range and sync schedule. Automatically archive your regular recordings.

File Retrieval & Management. Archived files are named by file type, task name, and sync date, and are organized by date. This makes them easy to find and reduces the management burden of handling a large volume of files.

Release PBX Storage Space. Move recordings and backups to the Amazon S3, significantly reducing local storage usage.

Task Status Notifications & Logs. After an archive task is completed or fails, an email notification will be sent to the designated contacts. All task status will be display in the he “Archival Logs”.

Disaster Recovery. Serve as a reliable backup solution to recover system data in case of local hardware failures or natural disasters.

Key Benefits

Ensure regular and consistent backups to minimize the risk of data loss.

Working in tandem with the PBX storage “Auto Cleanup” to leave more space for other features.

Efficiently manage large volumes of recordings and system backup files on a centralized server.

Free up PBX local storage space and enhance system performance by moving older recordings to Amazon S3.

Offload files to the cheaper and reliable Amazon S3 for a more cost-effective PBX setup.

Support external backup of system files to ensure file accessibility and business continuity.


You need to prepare an eligible account that meets the requirements on AWS.

Full access to Amazon S3 resources to archive PBX files.

An access key pair to authenticate file archiving requests.

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Quick Start Reference

Before you start, you need to have a Yeastar P-Series PBX (Appliance/Software Edition needs an Enterprise Plan, while the Cloud Edition needs an Ultimate Plan) and prepare an eligible account and bucket on AWS.

Not having a Yeastar PBX? Apply for a 30-day free trial here.

Log in to AWS Management Console, and create an IAM user with full access to Amazon S3 bucket on AWS.

Create an Amazon S3 bucket on AWS to store your data.

Log in to the PBX Web Portal, go to System > Archive to add Amazon S3 server as archive server.

Go to Archive Task, and follow the instructions on the page to set the name, file types, data range, and sync frequency you want.

The specified files will be archived to the specified folder in your Amazon S3 server at the specified time. Start enjoying!

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Yeastar P-Series PBX Appliance/Software Edition : Enterprise Plan

Yeastar P-Series PBX Cloud Edition: Ultimate Plan

Firmware Version 37.15.0.x or later


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