Man3000 TMS Integration

Achieve easy, holistic, real-time monitoring under multisite PBX deployment scenarios.

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Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Man3000 develops and manufactures its own product, the Man3000 Telephone Management Solutions.

The Man3000 Solutions have been integrated with Yeastar PBX System for many years, and the two complement each other perfectly. Together, Yeastar and Man3000 bring greater convenience to businesses and help them tackle pain points such as overrunning budgets, the constant logging in and out between headquarter and branch PBX, and lack of actionable insights to improve staff productivity, etc.

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Key Features

Multi-PBX Monitoring

Live monitor devices in the multi-site network on a single platform.

Display CDR (Call Detail Record) in clear, live charts.

Call Budget Control

Plan ahead and assign budgets with the help of custom rate tables based on real ISP fee rates.

Automatic Budget Barring features.

Bundle different ISP rates for cross-comparison to arrive at the optimal choice.

Analysis, Reports & Alerts

Filter and find out the top 40 calls ranked by Pin Code, costs, duration, etc. and have reports sent to email.

Receive alerts via emails when there’s an unauthorized call or call duration & budget exceeds limits.

Productivity Analysis features help track live call usage per user.

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Quick Start Reference

The integration process varies according to the Yeastar PBX model and Man3000 to integrate.

If you don’t have a Yeastar PBX yet and want to discuss any potential integration and project outcome, please contact Yeastar for a free consultancy.

If you already have a Yeastar PBX and wish to improve staff productivity by integrating your Man3000 solution, please contact Man3000 for help.

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Available For All Yeastar P-Series PBX Plans

Man3000 Telephone Management Solutions


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