JDS for Hotel PMS Integration

JDS for Hotel PMS Integration

Achieve better communication with in-house guests & hotel staff. Use JDS hotel PMS middleware to connect your PBX with your hotel PMS system.

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Capture various call charges and activities within the hotel to increase operating efficiency and deliver improved guest services.

JDS WINPAC Hospitality Solutions (including PMSi and VRS, the middleware for Hotel PMS integration) provide a complete set of tools for simple and seamless integration between the Yeastar PBX system and the 3rd party hotel PMS solutions, which allows you to collect call data from the PBX and streamline hotel operations such as guest check-ins/check-outs, automated wake-up call service, calls & minibar charging, room status update, etc.

JDS Hotel PMS Middleware
JDS Hotel PMS Middleware
JDS Hotel PMS Middleware
JDS Hotel PMS Middleware JDS Hotel PMS Middleware

Key Features

Depending on the connected PBX model, the PMS solution, and the JDS WINPAC services, the integration can enable some or all the following features.

Collect call data records from PBX and add charges to the guest bill.

Editable call accounting formulas enable hotels to implement various service charges for different types of calls (local, domestic, international, toll-free, etc).

Allows a user to place a request from the guest room telephone set. Dial to check-in/check-out a room, set wakeup call service, post minibar charges, or update the room status. Miscommunication will be eliminated with built-in voice prompts to instruct the user.

Barr or unbar room telephone upon guest’s check-in, and check-out.

Transfer guest information and status such as voicemails, wakeup-call, etc. when guest changes a room.

Supported Hotel PMS

ABS, Agilysys, Amadeus, Ascuss, Asdion, BrilliantEZ, Cloud RMS, CLS, Commanche, DataDPS, Dataprep (bypass), E-Hors, Epitome, Evergreen, Ezee, Fiesta, FOLS, Fujitsu, Galaxy, Genting GhPMS, Guest Centrix, Guest Line, Hanis, HIS, HMS, Hogatex, HOS, Hotel On, IDB, IFCA, Innkeeper (Control), Landmark, Libica, Lexus, MEWS (Cloud PMS), Nehops, Oasis, OPERA, Optima, Passion, Pegasus, Peoplesoft Cerner, Protel, Realta, Sanha, Sigma, Smile, Stralight, Symphony, UBIQ Prologic SmartLink, Vknow, WishNet, YGL.

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P-Series Phone System

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Quick Start Reference

The integration process varies according to the Yeastar PBX model and the 3rd-party Hotel PMS to integrate.

If you don’t have a Yeastar PBX yet and want to discuss any potential integration and project outcome, please contact Yeastar for a free consultancy.

If you already have a Yeastar PBX and wish to improve your hotel performance by integrating your PMS solution, please contact JDS for help.

Developed by:Jurudata Services Sdn Bhd (JDS)


Yeastar P-Series PBX Enterprise Plan or above

JDS WINPAC Property Management System Interface (PMSi)

JDS WINPAC Voice Related System (VRS) (Optional for more integration features)


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