Streamlining telecom billing for MSPs and service providers. Numerous integrations into leading MSP software to save you time and money.

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Datagate’s telecom billing solution is designed for MSPs to rate & bill telecom services. With integrations into popular software like ConnectWise, Datto Autotask, Kaseya BMS, HaloPSA, QuickBooks, Xero & ConnectBooster, Datagate eliminates the need to manage standalone billing systems. Instead, Datagate enables MSPs to integrate telecom billing into the rest of their ecosystem, unlocking a new revenue stream while encouraging business growth & scale. Datagate also integrates with the top US telecom tax engines which makes calculating telecom taxes & compliance easy no matter where you offer your services.

By integrating Yeastar Central Management (YCM) with Datagate, Yeastar partners will be able to automate the creation and delivery of license bills for P-Series Cloud PBX end users. Through APIs, Datagate collects the Cloud PBX user data (such as user contact info, the number of extensions, call recording minutes, etc.) straight from YCM to produce professional, branded, and itemized bills.


Key Features

Collect P-Series Cloud PBX billing data automatically from Yeastar Central Management (YCM).

Seamless Integrations: Datagate offers seamless integrations with a variety of complementary MSP software, ensuring a streamlined workflow that eliminates rekeying, mistakes, and errors.

Robust Revenue Assurance: Benefit from numerous built-in checks and balances within Datagate’s system, ensuring the integrity of your revenue stream.

Universal Telecom Compatibility: Datagate is compatible with any telecom provider or PBX system, automatically retrieving Call Detail Records (CDRs) for precise rating and billing of telecom usage.

User-Centric Interface: Enjoy the convenience of an intuitive and user-friendly telecom billing system with a modern UI tailored specifically for MSPs and Telecom Providers, making billing a straightforward process.

Flexible Rating Engine: Datagate’s flexible rating engine allows you to bill for a wide range of telecom services, including minutes used, overages, bundles, toll-free, long-distance, international calls, and SMS.

Consolidated Invoicing: Easily bundle multiple recurring products and services into a single, cohesive invoice line item, all while ensuring accurate calculations of telecom taxes and surcharges.

Automated Tax Calculations: Datagate seamlessly integrates with top-tier telecom tax engines, automating the calculation of taxes and ensuring compliance with ease.

White-labeled End Customer Portal: Datagate provides a white-label solution for an End Customer Portal, allowing your customers to conveniently make payments, view their usage, and access telecom invoices all in one place, under your branding.

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Quick Start Reference

The integration is achieved through API and require technial support from the developer.

If you don’t have a Yeastar Central Management account (or haven’t purchased the Yeastar P-Series Turnkey Hosting license) and want to discuss any potential integration and project outcome, please contact Yeastar for a free consultancy.

If you already have a Yeastar P-Series Turnkey Hosting license and wish to integrate Datagate for easier billing, please contact Datagate for help.

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