Boss Secretary

What is Boss-Secretary Feature?

Yeastar’s Boss-Secretary feature is a phone system feature designed to streamline the call handling process for a boss and their secretary. It allows the secretary to manage and control calls on behalf of the boss, ensuring efficient and professional handling of communications.

It can be enabled on a designated boss extension, and secretary extensions can be assigned to it, along with setting specific forwarding rules.

Key Functions

Automatic Call Forwarding: Incoming calls that meet the predefined forwarding rules are automatically forwarded to the secretary extension(s). The boss can specify which types of calls (All, Internal, or External) should be forwarded to the secretary.

Call Filtering: The secretary can answer the forwarded calls and decide whether to transfer them to the boss, ensuring that only relevant calls reach the boss.

Resume Calls: The boss and secretary can resume calls that have been put on hold using various endpoints, such as Linkus Web/Desktop Clients, Yeastar Linkus for Google (Chrome Extension), and IP phones (via BLF keys).

Multiple Secretary Support: Multiple secretary extensions can be grouped into a ring group and assigned to a single boss extension.

How to Set Up?

1. Log in to the PBX web portal and go to Extension and Trunk > Extension.
2. Enable the feature for the extension you want to set as the Boss extension.
3. Specify the secretary extension(s).
4. Decide which incoming calls to the boss extension need forwarding to the secretary extension(s): All, Internal Calls, or External Calls.
5. Click Save and Apply.

For more details, please visit HERE.

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