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What is Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system is a business communication solution that operates over the internet. It replaces traditional landline phone systems by using cloud-based technology to make and receive calls. Yeastar’s virtual phone systems let you efficiently manage business calls with various advanced features including call routing, IVR, call forwarding, CRM integrations, and more.

Virtual phone systems are particularly well-suited for businesses with remote workers, multiple locations, or those looking to modernize their communication infrastructure with cost-effective and flexible solutions. In contrast, traditional phone systems use physical lines and hardware, limiting mobility and incurring higher costs for maintenance and upgrades.

Why Virtual Phone Systems Over Landline

Compared to traditional landline systems, virtual business phone systems have many advantages that make them the smarter choice.

Lower upfront investment.

Run over the internet. Save on call costs.

Provide flexibility and allow remote working.

Minimal hardware maintenance required. Less burden.

Swift setup process. Easy to get started.

Take business calls on your mobile device.

Integrate with business tools like CRM and Microsoft Teams

Yeastar Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone System Features You Can Enjoy from Yeastar

More than just a phone system, Yeastar offers an all-inclusive feature suite that enhances communication experiences for your business.

UC Clients

Available for web,mobile,and desktop.

Call Forwarding

Seamless forward calls.


Provide self-service options.


Check voicemail messages.

Web Portal

A web-based admin & user portal.


Web-based video conferencing

Call Recording

Record incoming & outgoing calls.

Team Chat

1:1 or Group Chat with teammates.

Users & Permissions

Granular users and permission management.


Real-time extension presence.

Operator Panel

A holistic view of incoming & outgoing calls.


Central inbox for SMS & WhatsApp messages.

Queue Panel

Visualize call traffic of a queue.

CDR & Reports

Detailed CDR & various native reports.


Visualize real-time call center performance.

App Integration

Teams, CRM, WhatsApp, Helpdesk, and more.

Common Questions about Virtual Phone Systems

How does a virtual phone system work?


A virtual phone system routes calls over the internet, allowing you to manage calls through an app or web interface. It can be used on any device with internet access, making it ideal for remote work and businesses with multiple locations.

Is a virtual phone system suitable for small businesses?


Yes, Yeastar virtual phone systems are particularly beneficial for small businesses as they offer enterprise-level features without the high costs or complexity of traditional phone systems. If you’re looking to switch to a virtual business phone system, feel free to apply for a 30-day free trial and see how Yeastar’s easy system setup and rich capabilities can help transform your business communication experiences.

Is there a free trial or demo available for the virtual phone system?


Absolutely! Explore the benefits of Yeastar virtual phone systems risk-free with our 30-day free trial (10 extensions and 10 concurrent calls). Rest assured, we won’t ask for any credit card details. Take the opportunity to try it out today!

How do I manage my virtual phone system?


Managing Yeastar’s virtual business phone system is straightforward through a user-friendly web-based portal. In the portal, you can configure settings such as call routing rules, set up voicemail boxes, manage extensions, and monitor call logs and analytics. You can also integrate Yeastar with your CRM or other business tools for more efficient call handling and customer management.

Do I need to buy any hardware for a virtual phone system?


Not typically. Yeastar’s virtual phone system is designed to work with your existing internet-connected devices. However, you can opt to purchase VoIP-compatible hardware for a more traditional phone experience if desired.

How secure are virtual phone systems for small businesses?


Yeastar virtual phone system for small businesses prioritizes security, incorporating a robust range of protective measures. With built-in features such as firewalls, data encryption, and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), every layer of your business communication is safeguarded, providing peace of mind and ensuring the security of your sensitive information




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