Yeastar Certified SIP Trunk Providers – Albania

These Albanian SIP trunk providers have been tested and certified by Yeastar.


Neofone was created in 2009 as a provider of internet services and telephone services worldwide. It offers a wide range of telephony services to business and family customers. Being a new company with contemporary technology it is a challenge in the telecommunications market.
With VoIP technology, Neofone provides high speed, flexibility and security of electronic communications services, phone, internet and data transmission.
Currently VoIP technology provides businesses an opportunity to meet their electronic communications at low cost. Neofone success relies on high network availability and delivery services with modern standards.
Neofone offers international transit through interconnection with more than 200 international companies. Neofone aims identifying and developing products and services for the future, based on the most recent developments of global technology.

Neofone Yeastar
Product Provider Type Supported Codec Supported DTMF Supported Fax Type Support Document Tested Version
P-Series Cloud Edition Peer Trunk (Port Based) ulaw, glaw, g729 RFC4733 N/A N/A