Accelerate the Migration from TDM PBX to IP PBX

Reverse Your Customers’ “If It Isn’t Broke,
Don’t Fix It” Attitude

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Is TDM dead? Yes and no. Though many carriers are phasing out ISDN/PSTN while vendors sunsetting TDM PBX, there are A LOT of businesses still using this traditional phone system and they simply do not like changes.

This eBook helps you get a better grasp of the current TDM PBX market and provides a list of helpful materials that you can use to clear up customer concerns and demonstrate the value of IP PBX. Better yet, you can also learn the ins and outs of Yeastar’s TDM migration solution with several success stories from different verticals.

Some highlight topics include:

8 signs that TDM PBX is hurting your bottom line


Cost analysis of TDM to IP migration

Debunking 8 misconceptions about TDM to IP migration

4 Practical Tips on Upgrading from TDM PBX to IP PBX

Yeastar's TDM migration solution brief and case study

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