EasyLyqn for Hotel PMS Integration

EasyLynq for Hotel PMS Integration

Hospitality, room management, billing, accounting, and more. Use EasyLynq hotel PMS middleware to connect your PBX with your hotel PMS system.

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EasyLynq Hotel is an advanced software package for Hotels and Resorts that smoothly integrates Yeastar S-Series and P-Series VoIP PBX’s with the great majority of Property Management Systems.

With a fully modular structure, EasyLynq Hotel provides call accounting and billing, internal/external traffic management and standard services targeting the hospitality industry such as check-in, check-out, guest name display, do not disturb, message waiting, wake-up, room-status, minibar posting, voice mail for guests and staff, outward access control with credit limit and much more.

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Key Features

Intuitive, easy to use interface.


Accounting of external and internal calls, with credit limit and automatic shutoff

Check-in/Check-out with mailbox allocation and clean-up

Outward access control to Public Network (rooms and phone booths)

Message Waiting indicator, signaling voicemail and front-desk messages in the room phone

Interface with major PMS’s, Internet access and Unified Messaging systems

Do Not Disturb service

Minibar and laundry posting on the room phone by authorized personnel

Temporary outward access restriction


Room-status input on the phone by the housekeeping staff for immediate update of room availability

Graphical call statistics (daily, weekly, etc.)

Eight spoken/written languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Turkish

Guest name in the display of phone sets (Caller ID)

Wake-up service programming and answer control, using the integrated Interactive Voice Response system

Voicemail for guests and staff (optional)

Featured In

P-Series Phone System

Easy-first communications for businesses of all sizes


Quick Start Reference

Before you start, you need to have a Yeastar PBX and a EasyLynq Hotel software packaged.

You can apply a Yeastar PBX 30-day free trial here. For EasyLynq Hotel free trial, plese apply by sending an email to eurofluxo@eurofluxo.pt.

Download the software package from the link provided by Eurofluxo.

Install the required modules and run the fresh instalation wizard to create a basic configuration.

Refer to the Installation Manual and the Yeastar Integration documents to finish the configuration.

For more information, please refer to the integration guides below.

Developed by:Eurofluxo


Yeastar P-Series PBX Enterprise Plan or above

EasyLynq Hotel Package


Contact the Developer

Please contact the developer for the integration or tech support

Developer WebsiteWebsitewww.eurofluxo.com

Phone NumberPhone (Portugal)(+351) 22 377 0360

Phone NumberPhone (The Netherlands)+31-(0)20-5206273

Support EmailEmaileurofluxo@eurofluxo.pt